Beginning timeline


Variety to fit every style, quality you expect

1912 – Founded in Denver, Pennsylvania.

1930s – F&M employs 835 people working two shifts.

1950s – Western hat business surges with popularity of Gene Autry & Hopalong Cassidy

There was a time when a man’s occupation was documented in public records.

Our family of “hatters” started in Reading, PA in the 1700s as our country prepared to secure its freedom in the Revolutionary War. Fathers taught sons, who taught their sons…and after moving to Adamstown in the late 1700s, our direct descendants had a stake in several hat companies. They were pioneers in harnessing steam power for wool felt hat manufacturing. In 1912 the F&M Hat Company was incorporated in Denver, PA, just a few miles west of Adamstown. Our story is genuine history. Authentic history. Same last name history. Ours is a documented history and we’re proud of it.

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The F&M Promise


As we mark over 100 years of business we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our employees and customers, both past and present. Our company was built on the shoulders of hard work and fine craftsmanship. That foundation of work ethic has allowed us to maintain long-lasting relationships within our industry. As directors, we pledge to do our part in continuing the traditions set before us of proud manufacturing in America.

F&M Hat Building


Black Creek Jack Daniels Silverado

1960s – Hat popularity plummets with Kennedy being first President who preferred going "topless."

1980s – Western hats explode again with the movie "Urban Cowboy."

1990s – F&M becomes the official headwear manufacturer for Harley Davidson.

2000s- F&M acquires international fashion brand Giovannio and license to produce all Jack Daniel's headwear.

2012- F&M humbly celebrates being a successful family owned business for 100 years.

F&M Hat Company, Inc.

Main office and factory:
103 Walnut Street
P.O. Box 40
Denver, PA 17517

717-336-5505 main phone
717-336-0501 fax
717-336-4881 customer service fax #